Krispy, Saltine Crackers, Original, 16 Oz(Pack Of 12)


Crispy, crunchy, and a little bit toasty, Sunshine Krispy Original Saltine Crackers are made with our tried and true recipe of enriched flour, baking soda, yeast, and a generous sprinkle of salt. With a distinctively dry and crisp texture, our Krispy Original Saltine Crackers are ideal for snacking and go great with soups and salads, savory spreads..


Keb00646 - Keebler Company Zesta Saltine Crackers


These saltine crackers are great for the lunchroom/breakroom to accompany salads and soup. Two crackers per package. Food Type: Crackers Flavor: Original Salty Cracker Capacity Weight: 1/5 oz...

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